WarrenBombales – I just got my phone that I bought using Pi Coins

Pi Network created by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis has entered a new era, since March 14 2023 yesterday the pi network founded by Dr.  Nicolas Kokkalis has entered his 4th year of life, to be precise on 24 March 2023 or what Pioneers Pi Day usually calls it.
hệ sinh thái pi Barter Mall
Currently the pi network is increasingly recognized among cryptocurrency lovers, even to ordinary people.  Pi coin itself can still be obtained for free at this time, it’s just that you need a smartphone and the Internet when you enter the pi network application.
Currently, the pi network itself is in the early mainnet stage or what the pioneers call closed mainnet.  On the closed mainnet, pi coins can only be exchanged for services or goods, either online or offline.
Online commonly called (P2B).  Likewise offline which is commonly called peer to peer (p2p) by Pioneers.
However, you need to know that currently pi coin itself is still not traded on any cryptocurrency exchange.  Pi coin trading on the dark marketplace is strictly prohibited by CoreTeam itself.  If the pioneers violate the pioneers must be prepared to be sanctioned.
Pi network mainnet closed.  Pioneers can freely stake their pi coins in the right way.  As already explained, it can only be used with goods or with services.  The vendor is ready to accept payments with pi coin.
As recently, when one of the pioneers on behalf of Warren Bombales was excited, he said that he had received a mobile phone unit broom with the purchase he made with the pi coin.
Monitoring hokanews.com from the WarrenBombales twitter account, he clearly explained that he had received this one cell phone.  This was also revealed by one of the images shared via his Twitter account post.
It is clear from one of the pictures he shared.  A smartphone unit that still looks new and the screen has just been turned on.  Look at the box and the charger from the cellphone is also clearly visible.
WarrenBombales also conveyed the purchase of cellphones that he received through peer to peer transactions.